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Cassidy Nelson Annotated Bibliography Bigman, Dan. “Going Green.” Forbes . 3 July 2007. This article in Forbes explains that Bp, Starbucks, MTV, and some other big companies are going green. It also explains some other minor businesses that are going green. It goes in depth on all the companies and has history of money spent. In these companies they state what concerns they have with going green. This helps me because it has main concerns with going green. Another big reason I choose this source is because it gives me numerous companies who are going green and there are controversies if it is actually helping them earn revenue. “Businesses Going Green.” Green Living Ideas. 2007. 29 October 2007. . This source is mainly about all businesses that are going green. It has facts that support energy consumed in the United States. There is more awareness of environmental issues and has caused these businesses to go green. This article says that some companies are cutting energy expenses by turning waste into energy. This completely supports my position on the topic. This is a good source because it has a lot of true facts. It also helps my side of the argument because it is all about going green. There are numerous sub-articles I can click on to get more info on the business aspect of going green. I believe this site will be very beneficial to support businesses going green. Carey, John and Arndt, Michael. “Hugging the Tree-Huggers.” Business Week. 12 March 2007: Issue 4025, p66-68. William K. Reilly was going to takeover Texas Utility TXU Corp., but he foresaw one potential problem environmental issues. So he fought for the corporation to ax 8 of the 11 proposed plants. The beginning of this article is all about one main company, Texas Utility TXU Corp. but it brings up all sorts of other companies. This is good for me because I need some insight on what goes on with a entrepreneur trying to get a company to go green. I know have a good place to start and I can use this to get the readers attention. It brings up Al Gore one of the going green representatives. This article also gives me background on Greenpeace International and what they used to do to polluters. Going green helps the bottom line and public image is a big issue in this article. It talks about selling out and switching gears. This article will help me out a bunch. I now have more information to start seeing all aspects of this issue.
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annotated bibliography - Cassidy Nelson Annotated...

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