deforestation - Cassidy Nelson Position Paper When talking...

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Cassidy Nelson Position Paper When talking about deforestation there are many different causes and effects. Did you know that by 2030 ten percent of forests with be remaining with another ten percent in degraded condition? I believe that deforestation is unsafe and very harmful to the environment we live in. There are numerous reasons why human beings should be cautious of the ecosystems around them and what is affecting their everyday lives. Four topics that are the most important to the impact of deforestation are the initial causes, urbanization, and logging: illegal or commercial, and the environmental effects. Deforestation causes can be from slow forest degradation to sudden and catastrophic clear-cutting, slash and burn, urban life, acid rain and wildfires. Mismanagement of forests from inadequate fire control, unsustainable commercial logging, overgrazing and harmful effects of airborne pollutants is linked to degradation of soil and water (Earth Summit). There are indirect and direct forms of deforestation. An example of indirect would be edge effects, or habitat fragmentation. Deforestation means the deliberate removal of forest cover for agriculture or urban development, or as a consequence of grazing animals. The use of the word deforestation is an emotional term and is used “so ambiguously that it is virtually meaningless.” Better used phrases are forest decline, forest fragmentation, and forest degradation. Rain forests are the most affected of all types of forests, between 750-800 million hectares of the original 1.5 to 1.6 billion hectares that once
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deforestation - Cassidy Nelson Position Paper When talking...

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