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The Reconstruction Era Rival Plans for Reconstruction Reconstruction Reconstruction Simply speaking, it’s putting the of the puzzle back together. Three Different Plans As soon as ten percent of a state’s voters took a oath to the Union, the state could set up a new government. Lincoln was even willing to consider the following: 1. Grant for former Confederates. 2. Compensate them for lost . 3. Not requiring a guarantee of social or political for African Americans. I f the state’s constitution abolished slavery and provided education for African Americans, the state would regain representation in . Lincoln’s plan angered members of his own party who wanted to the South as well as having full rights for African Americans. Led by and Charles Sumner, these Republicans in Congress insisted that the Confederates had committed high crimes. The Radical Republicans passed the - that required: 1. A majority of a state’s prewar voters swear loyalty to the Union 2. of African American equality Freedmen’s Bureau Th e Freedmen’s Bureau’s goal was to provide food, clothing, healthcare, and education for both black and refugees in the South. The Bureau also helped to: 1. families that had been separated by slavery and war. 2. Negotiate fair labor between former slaves and white landowners. 3. Helped represent African Americans in . How will southern states rejoin the Union? How will the southern economy be rebuilt? What rights will African Americans have? Lincoln’s Plan Ten Percent Plan