ENVD 1004 Test 3 with readings 12.05.07

ENVD 1004 Test 3 with readings 12.05.07 - ENVD 1004 An...

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ENVD 1004: An Introduction to Environmental Design Fall Semester, 2007 Peter Schneider The Third Test: Name: ____________________________________ ID#: ___________________________ There are 56 questions in this test. You must answer all of them, which means that any questions you leave blank will be graded as incorrect. The first 50 questions carry three points each, the last six two points each, so that a perfect score on the test is 168 points. Please write clearly and legibly , and be sure to include your name and SS# on your sheet. Your answer sheet must be handed in no later than the end of the scheduled final on Saturday, December 15, 2007 . You can hand it in before that at the reception desk in the ENVD Building if you prefer to do so. If you email your test, check to be sure that you’ve attached it and that it can be opened. 1. How did the biologist Barbara McClintock respond to the question ‘how do you do great science’? She remarked ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Where did Howard Roark first encounter Dominique Francon? _____________________________ 3. What four elements are essential to Alvar Aalto’s work: ____________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. The idea of the design imagination has been an overarching theme that has structured the 1004 class through the semester. There are four other specific ‘imaginations’ we have looked at and experienced during the semester. What are they? The _____________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ imaginations . 5. List the four conflicts that members of the professions typically have to confront: conflicts of __________________________, of _________________________________, of _______________________ and of __________________________________________________________ 6. What two habits does Ernst Cassirer identify as characteristics of a culture: habits of ________________________________ and habits of ____________________________________________ 7. What design ‘movement’ was Mary Colter an influential part of? The ______________________ ________________________________________ Julia Morgan was a originally part of the same movement, but then switched to follow the _____________________________________ tradition. 8. What does heresy do in any tradition? ____________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. What was it about the burning coal that fascinated Louis Kahn? ___________________________ 10. List the six behaviors that clients typically expect to find in the professionals they choose to work with _________________________, _____________________________, _______________________ _________________________________, ______________________________, ________________________
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11. To what design ‘tradition’ did Douglas Darden belong? His work belonged to the tradition of
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ENVD 1004 Test 3 with readings 12.05.07 - ENVD 1004 An...

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