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assignment6-finalReflection - do something that is a little...

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11/29/07 CPE 100 Final Paper: Personal Reflection This quarter taught me a lot about computer engineering, more than any other quarter will. This is because I am changing majors as soon as I finish all of the prerequisite classes to be able to switch. I enjoyed all of the guests we had in CPE 100, it always kept the class interesting. The class that spoiled the major for me was CPE 101. .. it's not necessarily that is was too hard, but more that I decided it is not what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. I enjoy programming and solving problems, but I have decided that sitting in front of a computer screen writing code all day long is not what I want to be doing. I'd like to
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Unformatted text preview: do something that is a little more hands on but still incorporates computers into the process. Because of this, I have decided that mechanical engineering is the major I am going to switch into. I believe that I will enjoy mechanical engineering because you still use computers to draw up designs and control computerized machinery, which these days is the majority of high end tools. As far as how to improve the course, I'm not sure there is too much you can do as far as improvements go. The course was a great introduction to both the school and computer engineering. I attended all except for the last class because I was studying for a final lab quiz in my CPE 101 class....
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