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Sheet1 Page 1 CSCI3308 Homework 3 1. The differences between a program and a programming system are that the system must be written so that every input and outpust confroms in syntax and semantics with precisely defined interfaces it must be designed so that it uses only a prescribed budget of resources: memory space, input-output devices, computer time and it must be tested with other system components, in all expected combinations. 2. The differences between a program and a programming product are that
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Unformatted text preview: the system must be thorougly tested, so that it can be depended upon it must also have a substantial bank of test cases, exploring the input range and probing its boundaries, that is prepared, run and recorded and promoption of a program to a programming product requires its thorough documentation, so that anyone may us it, fix it, and extend it. 3. r1q5s, rqqs, qqrs 4. [0-9]+/.[0-9]+...
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