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EECS 203, Discrete Mathematics Winter 2007, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Problem Set 7 Problems from the Textbook 3.1 34[E], 56[E] 3.2 12[E], 20[E], 18[M] 3.3 10[E] (you can use a calculator, express your result in terms of years and days (1 year = 365 days) if it’s more than a day) * Additional Problems Required for All Students Problem A7.1 (M). Describe an algorithm that finds the k ’th largest number from an input of n num- bers. Prove that your algorithm is correct. State and prove the worse-case number of comparisons of your algorithm. You will get the full score for a correct answer those complexity (in the number of comparisons) is O ( n log k ). A 20% extra credit (or penalty) applies if the complexity of your algorithm is better (or worse).
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Unformatted text preview: Problem A7.2 (C). Let A be a n × n integer matrix, and is sorted in the non-increasing order within each row and each column. Let x be an integer. Describe an algorithm that makes O ( n ) comparisons to decide if x appears in A . Prove the correctness and the time complexity of your algorithm. * Extra Credit Problem A7.3. Let A be an array of n integers A [0], A [1], ··· , A [ n-1]. Describe a O ( n ) algorithm that finds max { A [ i ] + A [ i + 1] + ··· + A [ j ] : 0 ≤ i ≤ j ≤ n-1 } . Prove the correctness and the time complexity of your algorithm. 1...
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