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Page 1 of 7 McMaster University Department of Sociology Sociology 1Z03 Introduction to Sociology September 2019-December 2019 Lecture: Tuesday and Thursday 11:30am-12:20pm Class Location: New-P.George Center Lvl 1 #127 Tutorials: Please attend your assigned tutorial Course Instructor: Dr. Lina Samuel Email: [email protected] Office: KTH-632 Office Phone Number: ext. 23617 (best to contact me by email) Office Hours: Thursdays 12:30pm -1:30pm Please make an appointment first Teaching Assistants: TBA Course Description: This course offers an introduction to the study of sociology. Sociology is the systematic study of human groups and their social interactions (Ravelli and Webber, 2019: 2). Through the course students will gain an understanding of many of the key areas of social research in this discipline. After beginning with an understanding of both the classical and contemporary sociological theories, we then move on to gain an appreciation for the ways in which social research is conducted. With this grounding in theory, students will be introduced to some of the key substantive areas of sociological research: culture, social inequality, gender, race and racialization, families, education, religion, crime and deviance, and work and occupations. The strength of sociology as an academic discipline is its ability to not only expose us to the social world, but also understand our particular positioning with that world. Sociology brings attention to the connections between individuals, groups, institutions, states, civil society organizations and the larger social world. Through this course, students will not only gain an understanding of the discipline and important sociological concepts, but also what it means to be a sociologist. Course Objectives : This course addresses three University Undergraduate Degree Level Expectations (see, htttp://cll.mcmaster.ca/COU/degree/undergraduate.html)).Through this course, students will: Debate and apply dominant sociological theories in understanding the social world Recognize the diversity in the different subfields within the discipline of sociology Be familiar with some of the classical and contemporary research in the field of sociology
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