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BIO 105 Ch. 1 (Mader) 1-9-08 1.1 The Characteristics of Life Living things share the following characteristics in common: High degree of organization Require input of energy and materials Reproduce Respond to stimuli Are homeostatic Undergo growth and development Adapt to their environment Living things exhibit levels of biological organization Cellular level Tissue level Organ level Organ system level Organismal level Levels of biological organization Fig 1.2 Organisms require materials and energy Energy-capacity to do work Photosynthesizers use light to make food Animals ingest food Food molecules yield energy Living things acquire materials & energy, & they reproduce. Living things reproduce DNA contains hereditary information Genes in DNA molecules allow organisms to reproduce Single-celled organisms reproduce asexually by dividing Daughter cells are genetically identical Multicellular organisms reproduce sexually Each parent contributes one half of genes to offspring Offspring are genetically unique Organisms respond to stimuli by moving toward or away from the stimulus Movement toward the stimulus is called a positive response Movement away from the stimulus is called a negative response Movements are important components of behavior Behaviors are protective and adaptive Living organisms are homeostatic Homeostasis- all processes in an organism that maintain a stable internal environment All organ systems function in homeostasis Living things undergo the processes of growth and development Growth- characterized by an increase in size and cell number Development- all events occurring between conception and death Living things grow and develop Living organisms adapt to the environment
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Ch_1_010908 - BIO 105 Ch. 1 (Mader) 1-9-08 Growth-...

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