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INDOOR PLANTS - HORT 2144 Spring 2008 COURSE COORDINATOR: Dr. Jerry Williams TEACHING ASSISTANTS: Bruce Culver, Sabrina Majumder, Hiromi Tasaki OFFICE: 401-F Saunders Hall PHONE: 540/231-5655 E-MAIL ADDRESS: SECRETARY: Ms. Donna Long, 401 Saunders Hall, 540/231-5577, email: COURSE INFORMATION REQUIRED TEXT: Indoor Plants: The Essential Guide to Choosing and Caring for Houseplants , Jane Courtier and Graham Clarke, Reader’s Digest. It is available in the campus bookstore, Tech Bookstore and Volume Two Bookstore. LAB FEE: A $35 fee is required to offset the cost of the materials received in this course. PAYMENT BY CHECK made out to Treasurer, Virginia Tech is preferred, but cash will also be accepted. Receipts will be issued for all payments. Please save your receipt should verification of payment ever be needed. Your lab fee is to be paid on January 29 or January 31. GREENHOUSE PLANT COLLECTION: Specimens on the plant list that you are required to learn are located in fiberglass house #1 (F1), which is the unit closest to McComas Hall. Five additional fiberglass greenhouses line up with F1. The greenhouse will open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday-Friday , and CLOSED at all other times. See the plant list attached for additional information. LABS: Your lab greenhouse is also the F1 greenhouse where the specimen plants reside. Please try to take projects with you right after class; however, you may leave your projects in the lab greenhouse and return to pick them up later, but be aware that this greenhouse will be open during the day with minimal security provided. As such, we cannot accept responsibility for thefts and no replacements will be provided. If you see any suspicious activity in this greenhouse, please contact our greenhouse supervisor, Mr. Jeff Burr at 231-6883 ( MISSED LABS: Lab attendance is the responsibility of the student and legitimate absences should be brought to the attention of your instructor IN ADVANCE , where circumstances permit. Your instructor has the option to deny any student the opportunity to make up labs that have been missed without notification. MISSED EXAMS: Students will be given a score of "zero" on exams that have been missed without a legitimate excuse. ** It is absolutely essential that you or a spokesperson notify your instructor, the course coordinator (Dr. Williams) or our secretary (Ms. Donna Long) of an emergency absence in advance of the exam, but certainly no later than the time at which the review exam session (see ‘Class Schedule’) will occur. If you fail to do so, no makeup exam will be given . ALL STUDENTS MUST TAKE THE FINAL EXAM ON THE DATE LISTED ON THE ‘TIMETABLE OF CLASSES’ – No Exceptions!!
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ATTENDANCE: Attendance is not mandatory, but it is expected that you will be sufficiently committed to your education that you will attend classes regularly. To encourage attendance at all class sessions, 10 points will be added to your numerical total prior to assigning final letter
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syl-spring08 - INDOOR PLANTS - HORT 2144 Spring 2008 COURSE...

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