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hw02 - to memory Computer Store Source Low Price System 1...

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Animation Answers 1. The instruction cycle efers to the process in which a computer executes a single instruction. The instruction cycle is repeated for all instructions in a computer program. 2. The two parts of an instruction cycle are the Fetch and Execute. 3. What is the Memory Address of the instruction that multiplies R1 times R2 and stores the result in R3? 4. After the program is done executing,the numerical value in Memory Address M10 is 240. 5. The 4 mathematical operations that the ALU performs are: Subtract, add, multiply and divide 6. Instructions (3,4,6) are really "moves" because they are being moved from one place to another.Instruction 3 moves the rate from memory to the CPU, instruction 4 moves the hours from memory to CPU and instruction 6 moves the result from CPU
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Unformatted text preview: to memory. Computer Store Source: Low Price System 1. cost $299.99, does not include monitor-price is unknown 2. speed 1 core running at 1.8GHz 3. CPU Intel Celeron 4. Main Memory 1GB but expandable to 2GB DDR2 5. Cache 512KB on L2 High Price System 1. cost $2,799.99, does not include monitor-price is unknown 2. speed 4 cores running at 2.8 GHz each 3. CPU 2 Intel Xeon 5400 series processor 4. Main Memory 2GB DDR2 memory 5. Cache 12MB shared L2 cache per processor I personally would not consider buying a computer from best buy, I would feel better buying a computer directly from DELL, which was what I did. I also do not like these computers because i prefer laptops vs. desktops. I also think that if you buy a computer a monitor should also be included....
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