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Midterm2Review - MIDTERM 2 REVIEW Speed of light in a...

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MIDTERM 2 REVIEW Speed of light in a vacuum=speed of gravity waves=speed of anything with zero rest mass Speed of light depends on frequency Fiber optics instead of radio because there is a higher frequency It is known that the Earth is made of a liquid iron core because the shear waves can’t pass through Beats prove that sound is a wave Global warming is caused by fossil fuels; carbon dioxide traps IR and warms the Earth GPS requires a minimum of four satellites The tip of thunderstorms is at the ozone layer Ozone layer is created by UV; it absorbs UV Distant sounds are more easily heard when air near the ground is cool Landfills focus earthquakes’ amplitude Red eye occurs because the eye acts a retroreflector; light bounces back from the retina Global warming is estimated to warm the Earth 1C in 100 years Magnetic monopoles do not exist Headphones are now smaller because of rare earth magnets Quantum computers don’t yet exist
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