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Power2_ClimateAndBiomes - Deduction(predicting specific...

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1 Models, hypotheses Deduction (predicting specific outcomes from general models) Induction (generalizing from specific observations to more general models) Tests: observations or experiments 2 Patterns that demand explanation: Marine intertidal ‘grazing halos’ (photos by Wayne Sousa) 3 Bird exclosures (above: Tim Wootton letter boxes, side: PVC and bird netting) Grazer exclosure: copper paint 4 Site preparation for nutrient diffusing x grazer excluding flower pot experiment, Tatoosh Island 5 Effects of light (algal productivity) on river food webs 5 light levels X 5 replicates = 25 channels 6 Effects of nutrients and animals on algal accrual in rivers Jane Marks Northern Arizona Univ.
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7 !"#$%&’ (&)’’*+""%&’ - !"#$%&’#() +",$)-$-&. . / "0)12 3 4#0$’ !+#0 5 +#’24&%6 7 Blake Suttle, Ph.D. dissertation 8 Meadow food web response to 2x rainfall and changed seasonal timing (Blake Suttle, Ph.D. dissertation) 9 Tools for dealing with ecological variability: Replicates are separate (independent) units of study that are treated identically by ecologists, in order to assess variability that arises from factors we didn’t manipulate Controls are unmanipulated units that provide a baseline for comparison, an understanding of how
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Power2_ClimateAndBiomes - Deduction(predicting specific...

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