Power6b_PopulationBiology - 1 Unitary vs Modular organisms...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Unitary vs Modular organisms • Unitary organisms develop from zygote to adult with determinant form • Modular organisms grow by repeated interations of its parts (modules) into an adult of indeterminate form (coral, poison oak) – Genet: genetic individual, all the biomass that derived from single embryo – Ramet: subunit of genet that is physiologically viable as an autonomous fragment 2 Currencies: energy, nutrients, time growth maintenance activity Reproduction: offspring quality offspring quantity Allocation? unitary modular 3 Life history trade offs Life history trade offs of plants or animals • Starting growth early in the season entails risk of freezing • If reproductive resources allocated to larger seeds, plant makes fewer, so incurs more predation risk, and risk of bad luck (unfavorable microsites) • Dispersal: reduces competition with parent, but increases risk of unsuitable habitat. Bet hedging by sea rocket—half the seed pod floats, half sinks 4 Life history tradeoffs Allocation to reproduction comes at expense of individual’s own growth, and possibly survival (and vice versa) If resources are stored rather than spent on offspring, a plant can quickly replace tissue lost to grazing, fire, wind, and can survive over periods of starvation (e.g. deciduous trees in winter) Fig 52.6, Campbell 5 Trade-offs 6 Population biology • Demography : study of how the vital rate of individuals (birth, death, growth) affect structure and dynamics of populations • Population : group of potentially interbreeding individuals (same species, co-occur in time and space)...
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Power6b_PopulationBiology - 1 Unitary vs Modular organisms...

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