Power9_DisturbanceSuccession - Disturbance energy time 2...

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1 Disturbance 2 Taxon or guild= Primary space holders 2 species Food chain Strong interactions space time energy 3 Disturbance Disturbance : A discrete event that frees resources and opens up habitat by killing or removing organisms (Sousa 1984) 4 Examples: Fire drought, river bed scour, log, wave bashing, exfoliation of rock or bark or skin, tooth brushing, Landslides, plowing 5 Late successional teeth Oral bacterial diversity increases with human age. Bacteroides and spirochetes colonize around puberty. Gingival crevices increase habitat anaerobic bacteria. Early successional teeth disturbance When oral hygiene stops, plaque accumulates and gums become red, swollen, and bleed easily. This generalized gingivitis requires from 7-21 days to develop. http://www.cdlr.tamu.edu/dentist/hist.html 6 Bacterial succession: Early : The first bacteria on the tooth are aerobic gram-positive cocci and rods. These coat the tooth with plaque, a sticky colorless biofilm made of bacteria, epithelial debris, acids, saliva and food particles . Middle
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Power9_DisturbanceSuccession - Disturbance energy time 2...

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