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Physics 213 General Information Fall 2007 • 2nd course in the 3-semester calculus-based introductory physics sequence (P112-213-214) for Engineering and Physics majors. (NOTE: Biology majors should take P207-208 or P101-102.) • Subject: Thermal physics; Electricity & Magnetism—electric charge, force, & energy; electric field & potential; magnetic field & force; magnetic induction; DC/AC circuits; Maxwell's Eqns. • Assumes working knowledge of PHYS112 + algebra, geometry, trig., calculus (MATH192). Senior Staff: Dr. Maxim Perelstein (Newman Lab 334, 255-4118, [email protected], Lectures) Dr. Philip D. Krasicky (Rockefeller B9, 255-6021, [email protected], Lab business) Dr. Kathy Selby (Clark 111, 255-7162, [email protected] , Homework solutions and Exams) Dr. Liam McAllister (Newman Lab 318, 255-3302, [email protected]) All Recitation and Lab Section Changes: Online - CoursEnroll Textbooks: University Physics, 11th ed., by H. D. Young & R. A. Freeman Physics 213 Laboratory Manual (2007-2008 edition)
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