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ES Lec 9.24

ES Lec 9.24 - 3 h v O 2 O o O 2>O 3> O abundance o O...

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Lecture 9/24/07 Atmosphere Dominant gas is N 2 then O 2 Ar 1% H 2 O can make up to 3% of atmosphere Atmospheric Regions o Temp near ground is 300K decreasing temperature as you gain altitude. 7 degrees/Km (degree change) o Decrease in temp increase in temp (O 3 traps sun energy/ UV radiation) decrease in temperature As altitude increases. Troposphere tropopause stratosphere (where O 3 ) Very little mixing of air between troposphere and stratosphere because of heat inversion at the tropopause. Mixing of air near the ground happens very quickly; mixing between the troposphere and stratosphere happens very slowly (5-10 years). Ozone o Ozone near the ground is a major component of smog. o 90% of ozone in the atmosphere is in the stratosphere. In the last 30 yrs ozone has been decreasing in the ozone. o Each spring in the south pole the ozone level plummets causing the ozone hole. o Ozone is broken apart by radiation O
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Unformatted text preview: 3 + h v O 2 + O o O 2 >O 3 > O abundance o O 2 <O 3 <O o O and O 3 are interconverting very quickly o Catalyst for O 3 loss NO + O 3 N 2 O+ O 2 N 2 O + O NO+2O 2 Net: O+ O 3 2O 3 NO x is a catalyst for O3 loss but is not the only one. o CFC’s and Greenhouse gases have been increasing due to human activity. o Predicted in 1972 that ozone was going to be lost due to CFC’s, before the problem was actually observed. o Big disparity between O3 observed in August (more) and October in the spring(less). o Chlorine levels shooting up during ozone hole season. o Antarctic is far colder in the winter than the arctic- why ozone hole is in the so. Hem. o In arctic there is more land mass and mountains breaking up the air flow (polar stratospheric clouds). o Ozone levels have declined around the world in nonpolar regions....
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ES Lec 9.24 - 3 h v O 2 O o O 2>O 3> O abundance o O...

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