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essay 1 CH - A Quick Change In A Midsummer Night's Dream...

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A Quick Change In A Midsummer Night’s Dream , the human condition is portrayed through fickleness. Shakespeare illustrates this through many examples, such as, Oberon, who cannot decide how he feels for Titania, and the young four Athenian characters falling in and out of love with each other. Oberon at first despises Titania for not giving him the Indian prince boy, who he longs for to be his knight, but then starts to pity her for loving Bottom who has an ass as a head and is oblivious to it. Oberon is happy to see that his plan to force Titania fall in love with something so ugly, as Puck tells him that the “mistress with a monster is in love” (III.ii.6). Titania also gathers “fresh and fragrant flowers” (IV.i.51) to put on Bottom’s head to beautify the monstrous look as a fool, but the flowers themselves were ashamed: “And that same dew, which sometime on the buds Was wont to swell, like round and orient pearls, Stood now within the pretty flowerets’ eyes Like tears, that did their own disgrace bewail” (IV.i.52-55). Shakespeare uses a metaphor to portray the dew of pearls that turns into tears of embarrassment when used to honor Bottom. However, after Oberon seeing Titania “seeking sweet favors” (IV.i.48) for such a hideous looking creature, he begins to pity her. His malicious acts of trying to spite Titania makes him quickly change his feelings and thoughts. Oberon sees that he has taken advantage of his wife and made her appear shameful, and like a fool. This swift change of feelings, from despising and being jealous of Titania to pitying her, shows the fickleness Oberon has in the play.
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essay 1 CH - A Quick Change In A Midsummer Night's Dream...

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