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Austin Green Lab Partner- Clint Albrecht Introduction- Experiment #3 (Force and Potential Energy) In this experiment, we first added magnets to both the glider we used and the end of the air track in order for them to have a magnetic repulsion. Then we pushed the glider back completely until it was separated by a distance x. This imparts a certain potential energy to the glider. Then release the glider and it will accelerate turning its potential energy to kinetic energy. Once you find its initial velocity, you
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Unformatted text preview: can compute the initial potential energy. Repeating this several times for different values of the separation x, you will be able to construct a plot of the magnetic potential as a function of the separation between the magnets. Finally you measure the force exerted on the glider at some point Xs using the weight from a thread connected to the glider. We expect this is equal to the negative derivative of the magnetic potential graph at the separation distance Xs....
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