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Austin Green Lab partner: Yi Ming Introduction- Experiment #4 (Collisions in One Dimensional Motion) In this experiment, we will observe and record data of the collision of two gliders on a level air track. Having a level air track helps you to assume there will be no external forces on the gliders. I expect to find the total momentum unchanged, however, because I will cause the gliders to bump into each other, there will be changes in the momentum of the individual gliders. Although, I do expect these changes to happen so that the total momentum of the system is constant. The experiment should be repeated several times, with various positions and types of collisions.
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Unformatted text preview: Some collisions will be elastic and others will be inelastic. In all cases, I expect the total linear momentum to be the same. To perform each collision, you must launch the gliders toward each other so that each passes through the photogate. First, you will find the initial velocity and then after the collision they will bounce back through the photogates to measure the final velocity. In this way you measure the initial and final velocity of each glider involved in the collisions....
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