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Austin Green No lab partner Conclusions Summary: In this lab we had a glider accelerate along an inclined air track under the force of gravity. I measured the velocity at several different point to find out whether there was constant acceleration or not. Specifics: The acceleration I ended up with was 11.8 cm/s^2 on the graph, and the theoretical acceleration was around 12.5 cm/s^2. Which shows that my uncertainties were correct. My V1 that I computed turned out to be 21.93 cm/s and my theoretical velocity was at 22.14 cm/s. These two values were very similar, so that showed that I was consistent in my calculations. The V1 off the graph is the y-intercept, which ultimately tells you the
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Unformatted text preview: initial velocity. I found the acceleration to be constant by examining my graph after I finished it. With all the points lining up with the weighted least-square fit line, it shows that the acceleration is constant. Error Analysis: The possibilities of the error between my acceleration and my velocity could be due to the fact that every experiment has some random error for no particular identifiable reason. Also, the photogates could have been slightly different and caused a slight error in the measurements. Things including the length and time could have differed between the two photogates....
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