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Austin Green Lab Partner: Yi Ming Conclusions Summary: The data that I acquired from this experiment is a stroboscopic photograph of the trajectory of the puck as it moves around the center post. With a center point and many other points of the puck, I discovered a way of finding the area of many triangles. These triangles are only approximations of the area of the segment of the trajectory. I ended up using the uncertainties of 2 pixels for the x and y points, because I drew out a triangle on graph paper and that is about the area of how much was cut off the top of the triangle. Once I found all the areas and uncertainties of those areas, I plotted them onto a scatter plot. The points slowly descended as the trials got bigger. Since I couldn’t “exactly” draw a line through all of my points, that means the angular momentum wasn’t exactly constant, but it was pretty close.
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Unformatted text preview: So I think it is safe to say that my angular momentum was really close to being conserved, but since the line didn’t go through every point, it wasn’t conserved. • Since there is still a tiny bit of friction between the puck and the table, you can tell from the graph of why it slowly decreases and therefore reducing the amount of area swept out. Error Analysis: • With every calculation using uncertainties and sig figs, sometimes the data are not exactly right because of rounding and things to that sort. • Systematic errors can also be a possibility because of faulty equipment, calibrations, or the actual experimental design. • Also, every measurement used could be subject to random error. • The different ways that everyone used to find out the uncertainties of the areas are going to differ and therefore there is always going to be an error....
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