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PS40 – Week 2, Lecture 4 Notes: The Constitution 1) America: breaks with monarchy and embraces republicanism. i. America enjoyed home rule, the geography of North America limited Britain in asserting authority. ii. Coordination was an initial problem. a. No experience regulating commerce. b. No independent military. c. Little experience in foreign relations. d. Little experience working together. iii. No mechanism for enforcing cooperation a. Free Riding – colonial security in terms of militia. b. Trust each other or the collective – not willing to give up autonomy. Just broke up with monarchial Britain, so wanted to keep their independence and freedom to govern themselves. iv. George III starts bothering the colonies. a. 1750s: French Indian War left Britain broke. 1. Britain was fighting for land on the Western Frontier. 2. To get the revenue it needed George III began to impose taxes on the colonies. i. Most aggressive tax: Stamp Act. ii. Imposed a tax on all printed materials: legal documents, licenses, insurance papers, and land titles, newspapers, and playing cards. iii. Tax had existing in Britain. iv. The American Response was: “No Taxation without Representation” because they didn’t have a seat in Parliament. 3. Reponses to the Stamp Act: colonists united against Britain. King then began to tax TEA which leads to the Boston Tea Party.
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v. Independence Afoot a. In June of 1776 calls for creation of a new nation separate from Britain. b. Committee of Delegates with instructions to draft the proper resolution is formed. c.
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PS40Lecture4Notes - PS40 Week 2 Lecture 4 Notes The...

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