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Preemption legislation: federal laws that assert government’s prerogative to control public policy in a particular field. Cross-cutting requirements: guidelines that federally subsidized programs must adhere to Crossover sanctions: stipulations that, if the state fails to adhere to the federal guidelines, it will be rendered ineligible for federal funding. Direct order: requirements that can be enforced through legal and civil penalties Partial preemption: state can lose control over certain programs if they do not adhere to the guidelines of the federal government Categorical grants: federal dollars are tied to particular categories of spending Block grants: has specific admin outline, however less strings attached and usually generally stated Fed 10: republic is well suited for a large and complex nation, because there is no tyranny of the majority that is the persistence of majority ideals on the minority. Defines the notion of faction as a collective group of people that share common interests, with regard to other citizens. A republic works because in large nations coordination problems make it impossible for tyranny of the majority to prevail; there is a dilution of influence among the constituents Fed 51: bicameral legislature and separation of powers between branches of government makes
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PS40QuickMTReview - Preemption legislation: federal laws...

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