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lab exam 1 handout Sp08 - Biology 1A Lab Exam I, Spring...

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Biology 1A Lab Exam I, Spring 2008 Bring a photo ID to the lab exam. When: Wednesday, 3/19 from 6:40-8:20 PM, in various rooms (see below). BE ON TIME. The exam will begin EXACTLY AT 6:40 PM (If you can not make the exam time, and only if you have arranged with Mike Meighan, then your exam will be scheduled earlier on Wednesday). Be seated by 6:30 PM in your assigned room so that we can start handing out scantron forms (which we will provide). Where: See below. What: The 100-point exam (note some past exams were worth only 90 pts) will cover Labs 1-6. For more information see below and the backside. Note that this exam will include the Chordate Diversity which is not covered in previous Lab Exam 1 examples. Level: Challenging! See the past exams in the exam reader. Studying: Read the manual. For each lab, be able to complete each objective. Be familiar with results and why they occurred. Look at your worksheets and pre-labs. Answers to these sheets are posted outside of 2084 VLSB. There are three samples of Lab Exam #1 in the Exam Reader (available at Replica Copy, 2040 Oxford). Format: The exam will take the full 100 minutes and will begin at 6:40 PM sharp. Do not be late. The exam will include multiple choice, short answers, essays, diagrams and fill-in-the-blanks. Be familiar with the equipment that you have used and why you performed certain procedures. Reviews: Webcast reviews from fall 2004 are available on-line from our webpage (towards the bottom) Check our website for resources under Lab Exam 1 study resources. Office Hours: M 2-4, T 8:
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lab exam 1 handout Sp08 - Biology 1A Lab Exam I, Spring...

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