Midterm Review

Midterm Review - SEA 10B Professor Jeffrey Hadler GSI...

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SEA 10B Professor Jeffrey Hadler GSI Joseph Scalice Midterm Review Heinegeldern macro/micro cosmology exmplary center Mount Meru Godking Deva Raja connection with Macro devaraja connect heaven and earth modeling heaven/earth kingdomg point of ontact Wahyu – Glowing ball of radius Ball of light come hit you if you're going to be a kingSmail Autonomous History Tambiah Galactic Polity Mandala Polit ygalaxy like the solar system not static, it's orbitting one expand, one shrinks only way to control is con fit together be he has power. Anderson Idea of Power charisma Wahju concrete, homogeneous, constant amount, not good or bad. How to get power? How to use power? Scott Patron-client politics personation connection face to face ties are diactic ties sustainging them over time is mutually beneficiial powerful provide securit less power = labor , mobilization, fruitation. Vertical cleavage ties unlike horizonatlis class class/horizontal reciprocity – by control and sharing of resources dyadicties cluster and pyramid resource. Interest between you and me Vertical clevage break the horizontal ties in to cleavages Balance of pwer Law reciprocity = unequal Ileto – undergarment peasantry – undersid tell the story they accept their sufferings god also acceptied
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This note was uploaded on 04/02/2008 for the course SEA 10B taught by Professor Hadler during the Spring '08 term at Berkeley.

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Midterm Review - SEA 10B Professor Jeffrey Hadler GSI...

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