ACABS Exam 1 Terms - ACABS Exam 1 Terms Kemet Aigyptos...

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ACABS Exam 1 Terms Kemet Aigyptos, Aegyptus > Egypt Circa" or "c.""About" Representational Evidence: How Egyptians represented themselves, usually through drawings Scripts: Hieroglyphic Hieratic Demotic Coptic Demotic: Middle Egyptain language Coptic: Alphabetic script Herodutas: Greek Historian 450 BC, gave basic techniques, mummification Manetho: eqyptain priest 3 rd BCE in Greek, commissioned by pharaoh to write eqyptain history, first to create dynasty structure of history Plutarch: 46AD gives us earliest and complete form of Osirirs myth Ma’at Order Isfet: Disorder, Seth and Apophis both gods of disorder Netjer/Netjerew: egyptain for god/gods Noute: hieroglyph for netjer Theoi: Greek for gods Harpocrates: Horus the child "Predynastic" Egypt: Before 3000BC Neith: goddess of war/weaponry , oldest deity, fulyl female/human Helipolis: city of the sun, Heliopolitan cosmology: starts with nothingness and Ennead Nun: watery abyss Atum, Re, Khepri: Three gods associated with creation in heliopolitan tradition Atum: Human, male, main god associated with ennead, setting sun, brings himself to primeval mound and using his semen, spit, tears to shape humans and creation Re: Falcon, male, usually with son over his head, standing sun Khepri: scarab beetle, beetles rolled their dung and pushed it around, rising sun Primeval mound: where humans were first created, on top of mound, earlier dirt pyramid Ouroboros: snake swallows its own tail, continuous cycle Apophis: snake, no genealogy, embodiment of isfet, threatens sun every night, shown as under boat attacking sun god Ennead Atum Shu: male, air Tefnut: female, water Ged: male, earth Nut: female, sky Seth + Nephthys and Osiris + Isis and Horus the elder
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Other children of sun god Hathor: goddess of sexuality, Thoth, Ma’at Osiris as king, murdered by Seth Isis gathers all pieces of Osiris, reproduces, pregnant with Horus, Osiris god of dead Seth chases Horus into swamp, Isis uses magic to free them, not sure who to make king send letter to Osiris he says Horus Osiris: male, human, cult center at Abydos Hermopolitan cosmology: come from Hermopolis and from Ogdoad (group of 8) Ogdoad Memphite cosmology: god P-tah created humanity by speaking
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ACABS Exam 1 Terms - ACABS Exam 1 Terms Kemet Aigyptos...

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