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Shang Oracle bones : Anyang is city where first bones were found, turtle shell or deer skapula and took hot rod against bone to crack it, read cracks as oracles from God, popular religion back along time ago Ancestor worship : used sacrifice to communicate, performed by priests with feast, alcohol, music, anscestors were spirits, Chi means vapor, can be good or bad, demons have vapor needs to be nuetralized Confucius : 7551-479 BC, warrior of noble birth, born poor, wandering advisor to kings, if he could get kings to agree with his philosophy then it would spread, best displayed by Jesuits in 16 th century Analects : Confucius text, concerned with making better men (gentlemen), Dao : “The way” road or a path to perfection, proper way to do something, inner moral life of individual, deep alienation from the way things should be, Dao was perfect in past, need to get back to it, takes a long time and need to cultivate it Mencius: 371-289BC, more systematic argument writing, joy in selflessness is better than joy in selfishness, concerned that people understood the Dao and understand the blessings that come from it Filial Piety: diligence or authority to ones superior, family and ancestors, Mandate of Heaven : King had De-virtue, could loose it if did not follow rituals, divine order to maintain virtue, above his own selfish behaviors, political failure associated with moral decay, tianming Rites: Li- ritual, cultivate around others, proper behavior through rites, helps to maintain Dao, created hereichy of people in society, doing the rite thing instills within us particular thoughts and feelings which makes us better, ideal form of social norm, people behavior is internalized, people want to do
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Exam_2_Terms[1] - Shang Oracle bones: Anyang is city where...

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