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Indian Religion Indus Valley : Ritual bathing, obsessed with purity, created very advanced bathing house, gods were male and half animals usually, art of male animals, women only represented via fertility, male animals worshiped because of sexuality, farmers, cities for trade, copper production, animal sacrifices, dead burried with pots to nourish them in afterlife, Shiva god over animals, priestly class Harappâ: Name of early indus valley city, Mohenjodaro: another name of indus valley city, ancient mound, named after hill of the dea d Aryan: migrated or emerged from indus valley, military powers, humans gods, took shiva and rudra from Indus, took ritual bathing, fire scarification through priests to continue order, three classes of gods terestrial, atmospheric, celestial, showed natural powers through devas (gods), hymns show them as thinking superior to indus valley, 1500 BCE, Sanskirt, Agni worshipped hollucination plant Soma, Indra warrior god, thought of themselves as honorable, production of weapons more then farming, Vishnu associated with the sun, one of high gods, gods are destructive but can also heal, rita is order Indo-European: name of all civilizations that came from the middle east and moved over, Sanskrit eveolving from Aryans is connected linguistically to other Europian languages Sanskrit: language of Aryans, Veda: four texts, associated with Aryan religion, creation myths, social structure, doctorines/practices, new gods, fire sacrifice to keep rita, ritual breathing, cleaning, soma, main gods, agni, indra, vishnu Rg (or Rig) Veda: more famous, also first, sacrifice animals, soma, gods descended down and ate animals from special area, never transmitted to lower classes or women, Devas- Indra highest god, Agni god of fire intermediary between humans and gods, Asuras – demons or anti gods mantra: sacred sounds which are chanted during sacrifices, reproduction in sound of the fundamental structure of reality soma: special herb that makes people that eat it hallucinate, thought to be mushroom, used to get closer to god, thought that reality was wrong, and the way to understand it is through soma usage, ritual Indra: god of warrior, weaponry, most important because aryans obsessed with military, thunder god Vishnu: associated with sun, known as highest god in heaven, submissive to indra, after epics the Vaishnava is a cult that follows Vishnu Brahmâ: creator of the entire world, power of the ritual Brahman: started as priest of aryan civilization, sacerdotal class, highest of all four classes, ones
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Asian_Exam_1 - Indian Religion Indus Valley: Ritual...

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