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Taylor Brinkley November 20, 2007 Walter J. Unterreiner English 110c Process Paragraph; How to Fill up Your Vehicle Listen up all their new drivers this could be helpful! All young drivers should know how to fill up there automobiles at the gas pump. Upon arrival at the gas station park your vehicle so it is beside the pump, make sure the vehicle is on the same side as your gas cap. For Safety reasons you should not smoke or talk on the cell phone while fueling your vehicle. The first step of fueling your vehicle would be to go inside and prepay. If you are using a debit or credit card you can prepay outside at the pump. Once you have prepaid, go back to the pump and select the grade of fuel. If you do not know what grade of fuel your vehicle takes, your owner’s manual will tell you.
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Unformatted text preview: Open the gas tank door, insert the nozzle into the car and begin to pump the fuel into your car. Usually the pump will have notches that you can engage the pump without having to constantly hold the trigger. The pump should stop itself according to the amount you prepaid for, or once the vehicle has become filled with fuel. Many newer facilities will provide towels, and hand sanitizers to wipe your hands once you are done fueling your car. Towels can be helpful in removing the smell of gasoline from your hands. Once the pump has stopped, insert the nozzle back on to the rack, replace the cap on your gas tank and close the door. Now you can leave with your vehicle full of gas....
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