The flaws of our court system

The flaws of our court system - Taylor Brinkley February...

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Taylor Brinkley February 18, 2008 Teachers name Class time The Flaws in our Court System In the summer of 2006 I graduated high school, and was ready to see what the real world was all about. The majority of my friends and I had already been accepted to the universities we were planning to attend. So just simple summer jobs and midnight partying was chores of the summer. Well at least that’s what we had hoped for. About a week after graduation one of our buddies out in Bowers hill Chesapeake Virginia decided to throw a filed party, where everyone would crank up their old trucks and meet out around a bon fire. The tailgates would be down, the Hank Williams turned up, and life was good. But on that specific night a major fight occurred and I happened to be the one who broke it up. The fight occurred over a girl, which is always a ridiculous thing to fight over, but I wont bring that topic up. So two individuals that I choose not to name, got into a fight in front of my truck. I love entertainment as much as the next good
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