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fa99 homequiz 4

Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface

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1 University of California, Berkeley College of Engineering Computer Science Division EECS Fall 1999 John Kubiatowicz Homework Quiz (HW #4) October 13, 1999 CS152 Computer Architecture and Engineering This quiz covers one of the problems from homework #4. Good Luck! Your Name: SID Number: Discussion Section: Total:
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2 The DoubleSwap instruction Figure 1: A multicycle data path Figure 1 shows the multicycle datapath from the book. In your homework, you implemented the add3 instruction, which had four registers as operands. You were also asked to implement the swap instruction which swapped two registers. In this problem, you will implement the doubleswap instruction, which takes 4 registers and swaps pairs of values: doubleswap $t1,$t2,$t3,$t4 {$t1 $t2, $t3 $t4} The coding of this instruction is as follows: $t1 is in the RS field, $t2 is in the RT field, $t3 is in the RD field, and $t4 is in the bottom 5 bits of the instruction (the FUNCT field).
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