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MASLOW’S NEEDS HIERARCHY Short Answer #2 Rubric Identify all Needs (0.5pt/each) 1. Physiological 2. Safety 3. Belongingness 4. Esteem 5. Self-Actualization Describe/Define all Needs (1pt/each) 1. Physiological : food, air, water, shelter 2. Safety : need for a secure and stable environment absent pain, threat, illness 3. Belongingness : need for love, affection, and interaction with other people 4. Esteem : includes self-esteem through personal achievement as well as social esteem through recognition and respect from others 5. Self-actualization : the need for self-fulfillment, a sense that a person’s potential has been realized Example “Example” in the Organizational Context (1.5pt/each) 1. Physiological- An employee needs adequate office/desk space, a chair, ventilation a. Accepted: i. Fed and rested before work ii. Proper lighting
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Unformatted text preview: iii. Cigarette break for addict iv. Lunchbreaks/breaks v. Access to food vi. Fresh air vii. Use a bathroom viii. Office b. Not Accepted: i. Having a job ii. “getting a job for money” iii. Salary for basic needs iv. Healthy/ not sick 2. Safety- An employee needs locking doors/cabinets, adequately clean bathrooms, security guards for dark parking garages, workplace free of harassment 3. Belongingness- An newly hired employee schedules a lunch date with his department to get to know them better 4. Esteem- An employee needs to feel his or her achievements are recognized through bonuses, other rewards, or other recognition. 5. Self-Actualization- An employee needs to feel his or her potential is being fulfilled by taking extra classes to succeed at work....
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