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PSYC 260 W 08 Exam 1 Model Answer for Question 3 (short-answer section) Researchers believe stress and coping in the workplace can be explained by the General Adaptation Syndrome. A. Please describe the different stages of the General Adaptation Syndrome. (9 points) There are three stages in the Syndrome. Stage 1 is Alarm Reaction (1 point), and occurs when a threat or challenge is recognized. It involves activation of the body’s responses, including breathing, heart rate and muscle tension, i.e. a “fight-or-flight” response. The ability to cope with stress is lessened with this initial shock (2 points). Stage 2 is Resistance (1 point), in which the ability to cope rises above normal due to activation of various physiological and psychological mechanisms. For example, adrenaline increases, giving us more energy to cope with the stress. The immune system also shuts down to focus energy on fighting the stress, hence people catch colds when under stress (2 points). Stage 3 is Exhaustion (1 point), which occurs when the stress has gone on too long. This
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