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1 UCLA Department of Political Science Fall 2007 PS 40 Introduction to American Politics Prof. Thomas Schwartz Hunk 11 From Bills to Laws, from Budgets to Buckets of Bucks How a Bill Becomes Law A bill is a draft law – a law in the making. The following table traces the steps necessary for a bill to become law. House Senate Introduced by a member Introduced by a member or passed by Senate or passed by House Assigned to Committee, Assigned to Committee, then subcommittee, then subcommittee, or drafted there or drafted there Hearings Hearings Mark up (writing) Mark up (writing) Positive Report Positive Report Scheduled for debate by Rules Scheduled for debate Committee, “rule” assigned to by leaders (Majority Leader in limit debate and amendments consultation with Minority Leader), no limit on debate or amendments Positive Vote Positive Vote House and Senate House and Senate versions the same versions different
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