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sm2_54 - 2.54 A vertical cylindrical mass of 0 lb undergoes...

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Unformatted text preview: 2.54 A vertical cylindrical mass of] 0 lb undergoes a process during which the velocity decreases from I 00ft/s to 50 ft/s, while the elevation remains unchanged The initial specific internal energy of the mass is 0.5 Btu/lb and the final specific internal energy is 0.8 Btu/lb. During the process, the mass receives 2 Btu of energy by heat transfer through its bottom surface and loses I Btu of energy by heat transfer through its top surface. The lateral surface experiences no heat transfer. For this process, evaluate (a) the change in kinetic energy of the mass in Btu, and (b) the work in Btu. PRDRLE M 2 .54.. m: baJ-fi f: P'Iv-dgl {vy- 9- Vt'l'i‘l'ca-l cal-‘IQuCO-Q MAJ! UK 6.141 a. Prof-2:5. ELL“: D¢¢g~wkc 4"— ‘HM mu +'-- films-nae -'- Riv-Hat energtl and 1M war-1:. SCHIMHTIC I GUN-:9 bflTfi.‘ E ”5g, “‘0sz —-'-—-—-_——_—_-_- ___-__-_-___- 1. That W3 GMLLH‘d {yt'l-eun... VT: “with VE‘T-fi’ {:th 1- 1"” ‘fli’tG-M “hp-Myrna: meltva {1'01 chm/13L u = .’ I 0 figs-‘- Uz:0.8‘_lfl:lv~ 3. I-bd‘ haul-v occur: and“ ““3““ hart-amend hr? d-hluc-L'rcchmxvlh ”'—.________‘__+ ”few:- "as“ :p Q: 2—: =+a a». ANflct-T'Sl? ’- ‘8'!“- ‘ a. nu; __ ta) AKE: 3': “[G—W‘j = {(‘OMIZEbé-tY—(mié'fl‘ nub-mo” fish-M ‘ "I'Sahfi “=3 AU-t ARE-4- 97:?- CQ-W =5w= o-athkE. Tm:,u.’+h'Q=(33*u—13*“-J =+IB+u,u..¢get L—mcuru.) W1Q|thw Loba[a.8—o-S $3-6-1-gah): ..0,5'55,_ 4.... ...
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