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sm5_75strategy - 5.75 Two kilograms of water execute a...

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Unformatted text preview: 5.75 Two kilograms of water execute a Carnot power cycle. During the isothermal expansion, the water is heated until it is a saturated .Vapor from an initial state where the pres- ; sure is 40 bar and the quality is 15%. The vapor then. [ ‘ expands adiabatically to a pressure of 1.5 bar while doing; 491.5 kJ/kg of work. ‘ (a) Sketch'the cycle on p—v coordinates. 5o 7S 1 Solu'l-ion ouHinQ : (b) Evaluate the heat and work for each process, in kJ. ? (c) Evaluate the thermal efficiency. 5+a+¢® Mt7< 'fi: 40 burr X,‘ 5% Shh © SAT VA? ad" F; 40 EM 5m¢® 1;: 1.; w 4; MlX cr—«unde‘cifleé [email protected] a =| sxw 2*. MM 4—”- unAeGmA N) V\l,',3 2. S PA‘VL *“ Unis/1W lr O /é>rvem N W\ (“L3 - I’LL) 2 ”W2, : zuaa ins/ti (defines 5mg 5} , L T ,- Thermm/Q 69:6st kl: Vfi—‘éfi 0K HTJL ...
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