SOC 415 Syllabus - SOC 415 Syllabus (all you need to know)...

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SOC 415 Syllabus (all you need to know) Overview The class will meet twice a week. The class will begin with a lecture in its first half, followed by discussion. Therefore, students should read the assigned readings before coming to class. An advisory pre-requisite is that the student has taken one introductory course in either sociology or anthropology. How your grade will be determined Your grade will be based on attendance and participation (10%); three reaction papers (not to exceed five pages per paper) (30%); one in-class midterm examination (30%); and a final exam, administered the last day of class (30%). More than two unexcused absences will lower the student’s final grade. Where you will find the readings Students can find the readings either in the assigned book or as a pdf file in the "Resources" folder on the Ctools site. The book assigned for this course is Williams, Christine L. 2006. Inside Toyland: Working, Shopping, and Social Inequality . Berkeley: University of California Press. The assigned book is also on reserve at the library undergraduate library, but I highly recommend its purchase (Shaman Drum Bookstore, 313 South State Street). THE WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS WK1- January 7: Introduction to the Course I will review the syllabus and will sort out the enrollment. I will also give you a lecture that clarifies what we will (and will not) examine in our studies of consumption. On January 9 , class is cancelled because I am out of the country presenting a paper at an academic conference. WK2- January 14, 16: Shopping and Inequality On Monday, January 14 , we will discuss the first two chapters of Inside Toyland .
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Christine L. Williams, “A Sociologist inside Toy Stores" (Chapter 1) and “History of Toy Shopping in America" (Chapter 2) in Inside Toyland (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2006). On Wednesday, January 16 , we will discuss women and department stores. I will also distribute the instructions for your first reaction paper, due in two weeks. William Leach, “Transformations in a Culture of Consumption: Women and Department Stores, 1890-1925,” The Journal of American History 71/2 (1984): 319-342. ["Resources" Folder: Week 2] Distribute Instructions for Reaction Paper #1: “My Spending Diary: What Kind of Consumer Am I?” Due January 30 (no more than 5 double spaced pages) WK3- January 21 (holiday), 23: Child's Play and the Social Organization of Shopping On Monday,
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SOC 415 Syllabus - SOC 415 Syllabus (all you need to know)...

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