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Beginnings of Latin Literature Earliest Latin Documents Twelve Tables Roman legal code written by Decemviri (Body of Ten Men) during Struggle of the Orders; ratified by Century of Assemblies 449 B.C.E. first on wooden tablets, later inscribed on bronze tablets codification of existing customs and practice Topics: trials; paternal power; inheritance; real property; torts; public and sacred law carmen a spell, incantation, later any form of song or poetry Epitaphs of the Scipios funeral inscriptions from the tomb of the family of Scipio Africanus Epitaph of Cornelius Lucius Scipio Barbatus consul 298 B.C.E. Cornelius Lucius Scipio Barbatus, descended from Gnaeus his father, a man brave and wise, whose appearance was equal to his virtue, who was consul, censor, and aedile among you – He captured Taurasia, Cisauna, Samnium – he subdued all Lucania and carried off hostages. Early Latin Literature Livius Andronicus Greek from Tarentum, first performance of drama in 240 B.C.E. Translated Homer’s epic poem
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CL20Lec8TermBeginLat - Beginnings of Latin Literature...

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