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Greece and Rome: Cultural Tensions and Conflict Relations between Greece and Rome “Captive Greece conquered its savage victor . . . and introduced arts to rustic Latium.” ( Graecia capta ferum victorem cepit : Horace, Epistles 2.1.156-157) Greeks in southern Italy Tarentum - Greek colony of Sparta, founded ca. 700 B.C.E. legendary founder Taras, son of Poseidon and nymph Saytrion located on western coast of the little flap at the end of the Italian boot (Apulia) Roman fleet in Tarentine waters; actions of the mob Rome- three types of government: aristocracy, democracy and tyranny Pyrrhus of Epirus 318-272 B.C.E. military general and brilliant strategist arrived in Tarentum 280 B.C.E. - campaigns of Pyrrhus “one more victory like this, and we’re done for”; wins battles, not war Pyrrhic Victory ; abandons city and Tarentum surrenders Macedonian Wars Philip V of Macedon ruled 221-179 B.C.E. descended from successors of Alexander the Great promised aid to Hannibal during Second Punic Wars but did not intervene legacy of Alexander (spread Greek culture: “Hellenization” of East)
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CL20Lec9TermGreeceandRome - Greece and Rome Cultural...

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