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Tacitus Germany Publius Cornelius Tacitus born in early years of Principate of Nero (ca. 56-58 C.E.) family from Narbonese or Cisalpine Gaul (father – Roman citizen) married daughter of Agricola, governor of Britain distinguished political career as Roman senator and consul quaestor, one of two of Augustus (81); tribune plebis; praetor (88) member of Fifteen Men to deal with sacred matters (Secular Games in 88) consul suffectus (97); funeral speech of consul Lucius Verginius Rufus governor of province of Asia (112-113) literary career Agricola – biography of Gnaeus Julius Agricola (governor of Britain) Germany ( Germania ) – ethnography of the German peoples Histories – history of the period from Emperors Galba to Domitian (68-96 C.E.) Books 1-4, beginning of 5 survive Annals – history of the period from Emperors Tiberius to Nero (14-68 C.E.) Books 1-4, parts of 5 and 6, 11-16 (end missing) impact of Tacitus Tacitus I consider the first write in the world without a single exception. His book
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CL20Lec25TermTacitusGerm - Tacitus Germany Publius...

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