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ENGL Description Paper

ENGL Description Paper - Steve McDonnell ENGL Revision...

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Steve McDonnell 12/14/07 ENGL Revision Paper It was just another game, just another day in the life of a football player. As a captain of my team I am escorted out to the field before everyone else. I always felt kind of funny being led by a referee out to the field. Could I have already forgotten were the field was, and needed a guide to lead me? All week leading up to the game it had rained and rained and rained. People were preparing to build an ark and gather two of every animal, it had rained so much. But this does not stop a football game. As I walk out to the field I can feel the high crisp grass under my feet combined with the thick gooey mud beneath. My feet sunk at least three inches underneath my weight. It was hard work just to walk across the field. As the game progressed the first quarter went rather conventionally. Then the second quarter began. My team started on defense and I was playing on the line. As a player of the opposing team received a handoff and began to run I tried to do what every other player would. The ball carrier was hit by a bunch of my teammates and it appeared as though the play was over, but it was just beginning for me. The jumbled pile of dirty, sweaty football players was headed directly for my leg which seemed cemented into the ground. Two things would follow. First I heard this loud snap, as if a wooden bat was walloped in half by a 100 mph fastball. Then a scream unlike any other, which sounded like a lion roaring to make every other animal aware who is king. The athletic trainer rushed on to the field and proceeded to tell the ref that this was going to take a while. All of a sudden I was in an ambulance and going into surgery. I was told I had broken both my tibia and fibula,
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which are the two bones in the lower portion of the leg. After a couple of months I found myself on the way to rehabilitation to prepare my leg for the upcoming baseball season.
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ENGL Description Paper - Steve McDonnell ENGL Revision...

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