HRM479exam - Omar Eid HRM479 Exam 1 1 The displacement...

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Omar Eid HRM479 2-19-08 Exam 1 1. The displacement school of thought is that people will not go into entrepreneurship unless they are forced to or displaced by other activities. The three different types of displacement are cultural or social groups that are not let in certain fields, Economic displacement, which are people who look to entrepreneurship as a way out of the “bad times” and Political displacement, which is like a person leaving their country for political reasons to come to a new country and basically start life over again, like Ted Ngoy when he left Cambodia for California. 2. Intrapreneurship means a person who undertakes entrepreneurial activity within a bigger organization and a person who turns an idea into a profitable reality. Larger corporations are interested in intrapreneurs because they overall help the large corporations and because intrapreneurs are hard workers who “do what needs to be done” to finish the job. 3. Traditional management can be an impediment or obstacle to corporate entrepreneurship because of the general attitude that a traditional manager has toward things like motives, time management, skills, tendency to action and
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HRM479exam - Omar Eid HRM479 Exam 1 1 The displacement...

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