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1. Human resource management is a division of work where people’s jobs are interacting and helping other workers out. They recruit, train and maintain records. 3. To help and understand everything going on at work and also making sure everyone is fallowing the workforce laws. 6. The goal of the selection process is to find the best worker for that specific job, which would help that business perform at its highest performance. 10. It’s an expensive occurrence and you have to spend time looking for someone to replace the fired employee. 11. My retention technique would be treating everyone equally but rewarding those who
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Unformatted text preview: think of good ideas to improve the hospitality business or give more effort. I think this would work because it pushes employees to work harder and helps their innovative sides a little bit. 13. 1- to check the employee’s awareness. 2- Used as backup documentation if an employee gets fired. 3- Use it as help in debating whether an employee should get a raise, and how much that raise should be. 4- Use as motivation for an employee. 5- Give the employee some feedback. 21. Have someone from human resource management evaluate them, and use the selection process....
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