Foreign Policy - POLS Foreign Policy World War 1 When...

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POLS Foreign Policy World War 1 When Germany made the decision to go with full-scale unabated submarine warfare, that’s what sunk the U.S. into WW1. Sides During War Britain Austria- Hungary France Germany Russia (left war following Oct. Rev. of 1917) Turkey US US proposed League of Nations with the Treaty of Versailles. Other nations joined and then the Republicans under Cabot embarrassed Pres. Wilson, by not ratifying the treaty and joining. In WW2, the bad guys were obvious. In WW1, it’s more difficult to tell. WW2 was “A Good War.” We fought against the bad guys and won, defeating those responsible for the Holocaust and winning in both arenas. The fact that there weren’t any large-scale American atrocities in the war also makes it “a good war” from the American standpoint. Following WW2, Russia decided it was going to pave the way for the spread of communism. Through a combination of: force, fraud, and vote, communism spread as the Soviet Union grew. The Soviet BLOC – the group of countries under the Soviet thumb… Chinese History Chiang Kai-Shek Mao Tse-Tung (Communist) These two individuals fought for several years, and as the Communists got closer to winning, the U.S. gave supplies and materials to Kai-Shek. By 1949, Mao had won the country of China by force, and Chiang skipped across the water to Taiwan. When Communists won Russia in 1917, they tried to make Communism work and it didn’t, so they had to move slowly to socialism. Marx had claimed the entire industrialized world would become communist. In the 20’s they changed their position, and adopted a Communism in One Country Alone. Following WW2, with China and Eastern Europe communist, Russia became committed to spreading communism. *TEST QUESTION* Describe the spread of Communism post-WW1.
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Discuss American involvement in the Korean war. North Korea was already Communist in the late 40’s, as it was controlled by the Soviets until 1948 when the governments were established. In 1950, following a document published by a senator where the areas of the world the U.S. would protect
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Foreign Policy - POLS Foreign Policy World War 1 When...

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