FP 2 - 1-24-08ReaganIran-Contra (contd)When John Poindexter...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-24-08ReaganIran-Contra (contd)When John Poindexter testified that he didnt discuss any of the Iran-Contra affairs with Reagan, any talk of impeachment vanished.p. 182-184 Iran-Contra was the biggest scandal of the Reagan administration.George H.W. Bush (1989-1992)Berlin Wall came down in 89, and the flag was lowered in Red Square in 91.As demonstrations began in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union began to collapse, the Soviet Union was forced to make a decision as to whether to gun them down and ship them to Siberia, or to tolerate them. Gorbachev decided not to kill people in cold blood, but instead they brought the Russian troops.p. 218Dec. 25, 1991 Soviet Union lowered its flag from Red Square and the Soviet Union was finished.ChinaAt the same time things were happening in Russia, rebellions and demonstrations were beginning to take place in China.In 1989, in Tianamen Square, China made the decision to not tolerate the demonstrations as the Russians had, but brought in tanks and quelled the rebellion, killing several hundred people, but keeping themselves in power....
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FP 2 - 1-24-08ReaganIran-Contra (contd)When John Poindexter...

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