Kinesiology - Chapter 8 - STD's and HIV

Kinesiology - Chapter 8 - STD's and HIV - Sexually...

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Unformatted text preview: Sexually Transmitted Infections Chapter 8 Creating a Wellness Lifestyle KINE 2202-05 Pamela G. Landin, MS, ATC Sexually Transmitted Infections Infections spread through sexual contact STD's have now officially reached epidemic proportions WHO's classifications for disease Outbreak Epidemic plague Sexually Transmitted Infections More than 25 STD's Most do not have a cure 25% of all Americans will obtain an STD at sometime during their life 19 million uninfected Americans each year get an STD Half of those people are between the ages of 15 and 24 (9.5 million) Human Immunodeficiency Virus Also known as HIV Has no cure Virus attacks the white blood cells of the body, decreasing the efficiency of the immune system With decreased immune function, the body is unable to fight off the simplest infection because of the decreased white blood cell count This leads to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome HIV Can go for up to 10 years without showing any signs or symptoms Can pass on infection without knowing Death does not occur from AIDS Caused by infection from a simple illness (like pneumonia or the flu) Unprotected Sex Sharing needles with infected person Contraction of HIV from any risky behavior One in every 300 people in the U.S. are infected with HIV HIV is spreading faster in heterosexual people today than when it became a threat Prevention There are ways to protect yourself (p. 195) Only one way to fully protect yourself A relationship with one person only who only has sexual relations with you/abstinence Trust Issues (p. 194) Waiting until Marriage Because you wait, it does not make you a "loser" or not a man or woman Maturity does not come from having sex, but mature decisions, being responsible and making healthy choices (example: those who like to brag about sexual conquests) Sex is a physical drive and being sexually promiscuous proves you are not mature enough to control that urge Waiting Continued Teenage pregnancy 43% pregnancy rate for all teenage girls in the U.S. Consequences last a lifetime Sometimes fatal The results of sexual promiscuity Usually infected with an STD Can kill you Never having a trusting, loving and lasting relationship (why do you think divorce rate in this country is over 50% now?!) Takes unselfish attitude and behavior to have a healthy relationship Be able to stop and say no DO NOT put yourself in a compromising situation ...
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