CHRI 1323 - CHRI 1323 New Testament Scrolls became codex...

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CHRI 1323 – New Testament Scrolls became codex – bound pages. UNCIAL (Majuscle)- all capital letters Gundry- page 84 – all letters run together… no punctuation, spaces or paragraphs Ex. GODISNOWHERE Luther made copies of NT in German, and reprinted with Gutenberg printing press… bound in leather GOSPELS Four Gospels Synoptic Gospels - Matthew, Mark, and Luke Same/see Together CANON - a standard- a measuring rod… comes from the use of the reed as measurement The Bible is a Canon of Christian faith and practice. “Bible” gr. Biblion- means “book” The Bible is a canon of Christian literature or writing. Why did the Church want to put together a canon? 1. Because of a teaching called “Gnosticism.” “gnosis” means knowledge- teaching was that knowledge was most important thing. Human had two natures. Flesh nature was evil. Spiritual nature was good. Gnostics used knowledge, secret knowledge, to escape the decaying, evil bodies. Christians saw this as a dangerous teaching. Christianity and Judaism always held that the body as God’s creation was good. Also if you believed the body was evil, you’d treat it badly, doing whatever you wanted to do with your body. They’d eat and drink all they want, sex all they want, and actually beat themselves. Gnosticism would at times make it way into the Christian church. 2. Philosophy of Marcian a. There were two types of God i. OT God- angry, vengeful God ii. NT God- God of love, understanding and caring b. Early church read Bibles very closely and didn’t see two types of God c. Marcian rejected by church and asked to leave d. He decided to start his own religion and make a canon i. Would want to include Paul’s writings in canon 1 Exalted Paul as apostle and included Luke in his canon 2 Made canon of 10 epistles 3. Montanism a. Self-proclaimed prophet b. Religion based on feelings c. Would speak utterances as hearing words directly from God d. Apocalyptic in nature- believed they could predict when God was coming back. 4. Martyrdom (Persecution of the Church) a. Martyrdom was huge threat and Scriptures were being confiscated and burned.
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b. Women were first Christians killed (martyrs) because they wouldn’t give up the Scriptures. c. Ways to protect Scriptures- hide them, separate, distribute and memorize them, copy them. 5. OT Canon was being formed a. Church thought it would be good to form NT Canon Tests of Canonicity 2. Orthodoxy a. “correct” “worship or doctrine” b. Incarnation i. God came in flesh- goes against gnosticism ii. Used this doctrine to weed out Gnostic gospels iii. Also used “Resurrection” criteria 3. Apostlicity - Were these documents related to an apostle in some way. a.
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CHRI 1323 - CHRI 1323 New Testament Scrolls became codex...

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