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BIT 2405 CRN 10898 Name: __________________________________________ Fall 2007 – Test 2 ASW Chapters 5 – 8 Honor Pledge: ___________________________________ Please carry all computations to four (4) decimal places. Good luck!!! 1. A new treatment for baldness is known to be effective in 70% of the cases treated. Four bald members of the same family are treated; let X be the number of successfully treated members of the family. Is X a binomial random variable? Explain. (10 points) 2. In a gambling game a person who draws a face card (jack, queen, or king) is paid $10; they are paid $7.50 for drawing an ace; and $5 for drawing a seven from an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards. A person who draws any other card pays $3. If a person plays the game, what is the expected gain? (10 points)
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3. The 2003 Statistical Abstract of the United States reported the percentage of people 18 years of age and older who smoke. Suppose that a study designed to collect the new data on smokers and nonsmokers uses a preliminary estimate of the proportion that smoke of thirty percent. How large a sample should be taken to estimate the proportion of smokers in the population with a margin of error of 0.02? Use 92% confidence. (5 points) 4. Many vehicles used in space travel are constructed with redundant systems to protect flight crews and their valuable equipment. Each of these systems functions, independently of the others, with probability of 0.98. The vehicle’s component functions successfully provided that at least one of the systems functions properly. a. Find the probability that this vehicle’s component functions successfully if n = 4. (5 points) b. Use an Excel statement to answer part a. (5 points) c.
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Test2-Fall2007 - BIT 2405 CRN 10898 Name Fall 2007 Test 2...

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