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UGBA 151 Lec 2 - Lecture 2 Why target the younger...

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Lecture 2: Why target the younger generation? Boomers 76 million Busters 55 million Boomlets 75 million Boomers are similar number to Boomlets Numbers drive strategy Confusion a lot of time and money on organization Not at table when forming strategies Strategic directly relates to business strategy Deloitte report “A Line on the Top” says that company executives regard people as most important asset, HR not included in strategy table Workforce Trends Read “on - demand workforce” Ultimate goal “right person, right job, right time” Right person best qualified person Right job work produces value, match between person and job Right time when they are needed Time is now a competitive advantage Faster organizations can deliver services, more value in a competitive manner Customer expectations want instantaneous service Ex. IBM as an “on - demand business” Taking software and hardware company and turning it into a solutions business Time is a competitive advantage Will deliver everything you want when you want it Requires workforce to be on-demand Create on-demand workforce Will be more common in the future “at right time”— not just about filling vacancies with the right person or developing people to take the job in the future Shortened timeframe to be as quick as tomorrow Compensation & Investment Strategies Demand-Supply Optimization Classification (Taxonomy) Supply Management Demand Management
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Demand Management to identify talent needs through better interpretation of business strategy and customer demand What work needs to be done where
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UGBA 151 Lec 2 - Lecture 2 Why target the younger...

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